Lacey Wolff's 4th Grade Class

Class Videos


World Geography


American History



                          April 13th thru April 21st









            MAP PUZZLE

MATH - Fruit Shoot Prime

       MATH - MD Prime

    Melvin's Make A Match

Area and Perimeter Lesson

        Clock Time Lesson


      Artist Of The Week



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Missouri Assessment Program

Sample Questions and Practice Test



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  Welcome to 4th Grade Wolff Pack:

Andrea Buenrostro

Leslie Calderon

Nathalie Flores

Jailyn Jennings

Tucker Keith

Marilyn Martinez

Brent Mathia

Daniela Mendez

Katie Moore

Jorge Morales

Angel Moreno

Jozlyn Myers

Marleny Ortiz

Eber Quintero

Carlos Rojas

Jayden Sanchez

Jessica Sotz

Selvin Villatoro